Why hiring a wedding planner could save your wedding


As I enter into my third season of wedding planning I've learned a lot about the industry and I wanted to shed some light on my job and what it is exactly that I do. Often times when I tell people that I am a wedding planner the response I usually get is "oh that must be a fun job" followed by "so what do you do exactly" and "do you have to deal with a lot of bridezillas?" 

Often times there are misconceptions about our work and what it entitles. Of course, I would love to say that all we do is show up, look pretty and carry around a clipboard. But that is NEVER the case. As planners we try our best to execute the wedding as smoothly as possible. We know what is at stake and that there is no do over. We don't get to say cut when something goes wrong and edit out the mistakes. If you are a current bride thank you for trusting my team and I with your wedding day. If you are not, but is considering hiring a planner please continue reading as I share my most frequently asked questions from couples. 

Professional vs. Hobby?

Ahh.. the most common question of all. Why do I need a professional wedding planner? First off, wedding planning is a full time job, if it wasn't all us planners would be out of work. It is common for bride-to-bes to assign tasks to their bridal party or family members but keep in mind they probably want to enjoy the wedding rather than be working it. I could go on with multiple points about why this may not be the best idea but I will limit it to the 3 below.

  • They are not insured and don't owe you anything - This is a major one! 100% of the time those assigned to help are doing it for free. This means that they don't owe you anything. Because of this they are most likely not insured. So if an accident happens they aren't liable, not to mention how awkward it would be for you to blame them.

  • They don't know industry standards and laws - There are certain laws and permits required if you want to host a wedding in the GTA. Because we do this on a day to day basis you are rest assured that we are kept up to date with the ever changing rules. For someone who is assigned this task because they are somehow related to the bride may not have the experience and knowledge to execute the wedding. 

  • They don’t have the inside scoop - What makes professional planners credible is that we’ve worked with vendors in the industry and know the good vs. the bad. We have built quality relationships with reliable vendors and can get you prices that aren’t offered to the general public based on these connections. Because we know the cost of items we are able to provide suggestions on where to allocate your budget accordingly. 

Wedding planners are not a luxury service for the rich and famous. In fact we are accessible, affordable and probably the most valuable investment you’ll make for your wedding day.

The venue provides a wedding coordinator, why do I need a wedding planner?

A lot of the time couples tell me that their venue package includes a venue coordinator and that they don't need a planner. The venue coordinator does exactly what their title states - coordinate the events at the venue. Their main focus is that dinner is served and the wedding happening at the venue runs smoothly. They will answer your questions about the venue and assist with any tasks related to the venue but not the other items related to planning the wedding. What happens if your cake doesn't show up? Who will set up the receiving table exactly the way your pictured it? These are tasks that are not the responsibility of a venue coordinator. 

How will a wedding planner benefit me?

Speaking specifically about the day of coordination, wouldn’t it be great to know that there is someone overseeing all the logistics. We coordinate with all your vendors, making sure items are set up as planned, place cards are at each correct seat, cake knife and fork at the cake table, your Aunt Mary gets the red wine out of her dress (with our on site emergency kit) etc. You’ve put so much time, effort and not to mention money into planning your perfect day so why jeopardize it.

Happy planning!

Captured beautifully by: Hello Inspira

Rachel & David at Estates of Sunnybrook

I still remember the day I picked up my phone from an unfamiliar number. On the other side was a polite gentleman who introduced himself as David. He wanted to ask me a few questions about wedding planning and for my honest opinion if it was possible to plan, design and execute a wedding in 4 months. At that moment, I knew I wanted to help Rachel and David plan the best day of their lives. Four months might be short for the average planning timeline but not impossible. 

Fast forward to August 5th, 2017. Rachel and David exchanged their vows at Rosedale United Church amongst those closes to them. They shared priceless moments with friends and family and even WOWed everyone with a choreographed first dance to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Their intimate reception was held at the Mclean house at the Estates of Sunnybrook with a carefully selected guestlist of 71. The venue was beautifully decorated with fresh blooms and candles which made for their intimate wedding perfect.

Captured by: Alicia Campbell Photography


Phuong & David at Terrace Banquet Hall

Working with Phuong and David to plan their wedding was a lot of fun as they were possibly the most laid back couple I've had so far. Open to ideas and suggestions made planning a breeze and the fact that Phuong has a very creative sister was a bonus. Everything from the gorgeous paper flower backdrop to the floral centrepieces was all handmade. Definitely any bride that needs some DIY tips should connect with her. 

Phuong and David exchanged personal vows amongst family and friends before heading off for photos. Their reception was filled with games and lots of dancing so if you were at their wedding you would have made sure to bring your favourite pair of dancing shoes. The bridal party finished off the night with a lip sync battle which opened up the dance floor for guests to show off their moves.

Congratulations again Phuong and David Phandanouvong, truly the real dancing King & Queen. 

Captured By: Andes Lo Photography

Kimberley & Stephen at Casa Loma

The moment Kimberley and Stephen told me that they were having their wedding at Casa Loma; I knew it would be a nothing but a real life fairytale. Working with Kim and Stephen was a breeze; they knew exactly what they wanted and what had to be done in order to execute their perfect wedding day. I always tell my couple "help me help you"; the more you tell me about how you envision your special day to be like the more information I have to help you execute. 

Although their wedding day was hit with a lot of rain, that did not affect the couple one bit as they exchanged personal vows inside the glass pavilion in the Casa Loma gardens. The ceremony was followed by a traditional tea ceremony amongst their immediate family and close relatives. Kim and Stephen later changed into their traditional Chinese attire and were welcomed back into the reception lead by lion dancers. Their wedding was a perfect example of the blending of two cultures.

Congratulations again Mr. & Mrs. Chatterton, all the best in your new chapter!

Captured by: Beautiful Life Studios

Style Shoot - The Morning Frost

The term less is more was definitely prominent in this creative shoot styled by owner and lead wedding planner Jeannie from A Blush Moment. Simplistic was key when it came to executing a minimalist theme with clean lines, gold accents and an almost monochromatic colour palette. Tucked away in the heart of the distillery district Airship 37 was the perfect venue for this minimalistic shoot. An open space area made it possible to style the shoot from the ground up. Everything from the modern Ikea dining table to the ghost chairs from Chairman Mills to the hanging gold geometric prisms from A Blush Moment were carefully chosen for the shoot. Every item had its place.

White pillar candles, which ran along the length of the dinning table, replaced the flower centerpieces commonly seen in weddings. The place setting was kept to a minimal with accents from the gold cutlery. The touch of gold was carried through in the hairpieces and earrings provided by The Loved One. The bride had her hair and makeup done by May from Muah Beauty before she slipped into two classic yet contemporary gowns provided by Elmwood Brides. The groom wore a custom grey suit from Wingmen Suits. A 5-tier cake created by the talented team at Sugar Tiers was the showstopper of the day. It definitely was too pretty to eat.

This wedding shoot was captured beautifully by Anita from Rhythm Photography as well as Norris from Norris Films. Both photos and video showcased this timeless occasion for years to come. 

Vivian & Phuong at Paradise Banquet Hall

I still remember when Vivian and Phuong started their wedding planning process with me back in January 2015. Vivian was super organized and knew exactly what she wanted and what needed to be done. With that said within the first 3 months we had already booked most of her vendors. Fast forward to a year and a half later on October 1st, 2016; I had the honour of coordinating and executing their wedding. Because majority of the guests were family and relatives, Vietnamese wedding traditions were a must. Vivian and Phuong had an intimate tea ceremony with their immediate family, which balanced out a modern reception for their friends and younger relatives.

Captured by: AGI Studios