5 tips you need to know when creating your Wedding Day Itinerary

A wedding day itinerary or timeline is a break down of events that happen on your wedding day to ensure that it runs smoothly. Not only will it be more organized, it also keeps everyone on track especially if you are paying some vendors by the hour. Here are my 5 tips you need to know when creating your wedding day itinerary.

1.     Start and stop time of vendors – This is often overlooked as most couples assume that they have their vendors for the entire day. Make sure that you check each vendor’s start and stop time when creating your order of events. Another point that couples should remember is that for most vendors unless stated otherwise their X amount of hours are continuous. You are essentially paying for their time to be at your wedding and therefore they won’t be able to take on another client. So if you have a break in between your ceremony and reception it is good to keep this in mind.

2.     Be realistic with time slot allocation – Talk to your vendors, ask them approximately how long they will need for them to do their job if you are unsure. You hired professional for your wedding because of their professional expertise, so why not have them give you the approximate time. Once you ask your vendors, you’ll be surprised that most of your wedding itinerary is complete.

3.     Always add a buffer – You never know if Aunt Susan has a surprise gift for you that she needs 5 minutes of your time as she watches you open it or if you need to run to the washroom in between your dress change. When I create my timeline for my brides, I always like to add in an extra 5-7 minutes after major events just so everyone has some time to breathe and enjoy the moment.

4.     Plan B options – This is especially important for couples who are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception or both. What will happen if bad weather hits? Will the ceremony be moved inside? Will the area be tented? Who will move the furniture? Having Plan B options in place or even creating a plan B timeline would save you, vendors and the guests a lot of stress on the wedding day.

5.     Review, review, review – Lastly, you can never be too sure with your wedding itinerary. Because it is something that you have worked on over and over again, there might be some things that you may have overlooked without knowing. Maybe you forgot to add in parent dances as you were too focused on managing speeches. A fresh pair of eyes will definitely help point out anything that is out of place.

And there you have it, 5 useful tips to help you when creating your wedding day itinerary. Of course, if you have a wedding planner then this is just useful information as your planner would have this all sorted out for you. I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to follow along on social media for additional tips from the industry.