Jacqueline & Darryl A Tropical Oasis at Copper Creek Golf Club

To call these two a power couple is truly an understatement. Both Jacqueline and Darryl hold double undergraduate degrees. Jacqueline who now is in law and Darryl who started in biology, both met while they were studying industrial engineering at the University of Toronto. After 10 years together, they finally made it official.

Darryl runs a popular blog called HousePlantJournal where he teaches people how to care for house plants and it only made sense that they incorporated this in to their wedding. My favourite part was when I opened the box of boutonniere to pin on to the groomsmen and Darryl says “I call the Ionantha”. Myself along with the photographers and groomsmen all gave him a blank stare and then he realized we didn’t know which one was which. Who knew there are so many species of air plants!

As part of their ceremony, Jacqueline and Darryl did a unity planting where they both removed a spiderette and re-potted them in a new pot to symbolize the joining of two lives. It was truly a magical moment and one completely unique to them. Their lovely wedding is featured in the current issue of Wedding Bells so be sure to pick up your own copy or read more on Wedding Bells Blog

Captured Beautifully by: Lisa Bang Photo

Stephanie & Roger at The Guild Inn Estates

Efficiency is probably the best word to describe planning Stephanie and Roger’s wedding. From the beginning they knew exactly what they liked and didn’t like, what was important to them and their families, and what bells and whistles they could opt out of.

They geared away from the lavenders and pinks and instead went with a darker palette of burgundy and navy. Despite both of them being dentists and working different schedules, they created a lot of the items for their wedding on their own. They wrote personal vows on clear acrylics sheets, followed with a beautiful acrylic seating chart. Stephanie handmade each place card, all their favour boxes and even a floral collar for their favourite pup Kricket. If you ask me, if she decides not be a dentist one day she could consider something in the wedding industry.

Captured beautifully by: Mango Studios

Susan & James at The Warehouse

Modern, minimalistic and intimate would best describe the wedding of Susan and James. Rather than spending their budget on lavish decor and a traditional sit down dinner, the couple focus on what mattered most to them - good food, good alcohol and most importantly good company. They exchanged vows in front of 200 of their closest friends and family followed by a stand up reception with multiple food stations provided by the amazing staff at Food Dudes. Guests had the option of an open east coast oyster bar, dumpling station, grilled cheese, wagyu sliders and lobster roll to name a few.

Lastly, keeping with the casualness of the theme instead of a bouquet toss Susan chose to do a bouquet cutting ceremony instead. Each girl chose a ribbon from her bouquet and James cut each ribbon Susan selected while her eyes were closed. It’s a bit hard to explain but you’ll get what I mean if you scroll through the photos.

Beautifully captured by: Jessilyn from Rhythm Photography

Karine & Vincent at Paradise Banquet Hall

Ever wonder what it's like to plan a wedding for a wedding planner? Well I got this opportunity with Karine and Vincent as Karine is a wedding planner herself in Hong Kong. Working with her was absolutely amazing as she understood the ins and out of wedding planning. Everything was communicated very well and not one detail was missed.

Inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast their decor was not only beautiful but magical as well. It was as if we were dining right inside the story book. My favourite part was when the couple paired the iconic song “Be Our Guest” with dinner service. And with the help of some wedding planning fairies they live happily ever after ;)

Beautifully captured by: Eric K Choi

Lena & Stefan at Grand Victorian

One of the benefits of living and working in a multi-cultural city is being able to witness the many marriage customs. As a planner it gives me the opportunity to experience different wedding traditions from the Chinese tea ceremony to the Korean kunbere ceremony and now to a Hindu ceremony. Like many South Asian weddings, Lena and Stefan's wedding spanned across multiple days. 

Their ceremony space was decorated beautifully in red and gold from the drapes to the pillars lining the aisle to the chairs. Most guests attended in colourful Saree's as they took part in the traditional Hindu ceremony. In contrast to the first day, they had a western reception with a floor to ceiling backdrop, a floral wall and a personalize dance floor with their initials. Mixing silver and pink into the room created a more modern feel. They even had a fire show performer that definitely turned up the heat. 

Beautifully captured by: Pop N Shot Media

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Hyal & John at their private home

Hyal and John's intimate wedding on their private property was a perfect example that beautiful things happen unexpectedly. With a full outdoor ceremony and luncheon reception set up the day before, mother nature had other plans for their wedding day. Instead the couple and their guests were greeted by a rainy Saturday afternoon. I absolutely love how the photos turned out both indoors and out and how dreamy the fog made everything. These kind of backdrops don't happen often and are moments like these that make life and love so beautiful.

Beautifully captured by: Will Shin Photos