Jacqueline & Darryl A Tropical Oasis at Copper Creek Golf Club

To call these two a power couple is truly an understatement. Both Jacqueline and Darryl hold double undergraduate degrees. Jacqueline who now is in law and Darryl who started in biology, both met while they were studying industrial engineering at the University of Toronto. After 10 years together, they finally made it official.

Darryl runs a popular blog called HousePlantJournal where he teaches people how to care for house plants and it only made sense that they incorporated this in to their wedding. My favourite part was when I opened the box of boutonniere to pin on to the groomsmen and Darryl says “I call the Ionantha”. Myself along with the photographers and groomsmen all gave him a blank stare and then he realized we didn’t know which one was which. Who knew there are so many species of air plants!

As part of their ceremony, Jacqueline and Darryl did a unity planting where they both removed a spiderette and re-potted them in a new pot to symbolize the joining of two lives. It was truly a magical moment and one completely unique to them. Their lovely wedding is featured in the current issue of Wedding Bells so be sure to pick up your own copy or read more on Wedding Bells Blog

Captured Beautifully by: Lisa Bang Photo