Niki & Phil at The Brighton

Working with Niki and Phil to plan their wedding was a total breeze. Their focus was to have a simple, relaxed wedding amongst their family and friends while making sure to include all the traditional Chinese wedding elements. They didn't want to pack their day with activities but rather had a more go-with-the-flow kind of approach. Their day started off with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony for their parents and then they headed to the civic centre to make things official. Afterwards they treated their guests to a nice patio lunch on main street Unionville. 

What's interesting is that Niki and Phil actually met in Unionville. According to Phil it was a nice sunny afternoon and as he was approaching her he saw a beautiful, good looking, good Oh and then his future wife was sitting next to it. He wasn't the only one with a sense of humour, as other speeches shared by friends and family throughout the night were just as entertaining. I guess you can say, they have a "groovy" kind of love. (which by the way was their first dance song).

Captured by: Cha Li Studio